Ops4Less cut the cost of IT operations


Keep service level reporting simple - black box it

Keep service level reporting simple - black box it. No need for complex monitoring solutions, at least not initially.

Automate user security provisioning

We are skeptical of the value of many automation tools but one area where the savings are pretty clear is user security provisioning

Move to a service-based approach versus an IT infrastructure approach

This will align IT with the business and ensure service delivery is performed at maximum effeciency.

Manage your incident trends...

Keep a close eye on your incident counts. Work your trends largest to smallest using problem management techniques to find root causes, and introduce corrective action.

paid KPIs can unexpectedly distort behaviour

Be careful of the way paid KPIs can unexpectedly distort behaviour: make sure you are paying for what you want (they won't do the wrong thing) and all of what you want (they won't neglect some right things).

The Standish rule for projects

The Standish Group have been performing Primary Research (surverys) of I.T. in the USA since 1994. They've accumulated a large amount of data and 50,000 project case studies.

Their "Recipe for Success" (for I.T. projects) is simple:

ITIL process re-engineering

Whether ITIL actually saves money is open to debate. But a carefully controlled ITIL project just might.

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