Ops4Less cut the cost of IT operations



Software-as-a-Service for IT Decision Making

Metricus Enterprise SaaS

600 IT KPIs with detailed usage information

Scorecard and Dashboard templates

Keep service level reporting simple - black box it

Keep service level reporting simple - black box it. No need for complex monitoring solutions, at least not initially.

Lower data center cooling costs

The data center cooling model has changed. We now aim to cool individual pieces of equipment and are not as concerned with overall ambient temperatures.

Consolidate infrastructure tools

Most medium-sized IT organizations use upward of fifteen point solutions or more to monitor their infrastructure.

Consolidate service desks

An organisation only needs one service desk.

Decommissioning servers

Everyone looks to save energy these days, at home, in the car, at work. There's a data center equivalent to these energy savings: decommissioning servers.

internal development using open-source components at a lower cost than starting from scratch

Gartner declared open-source software the biggest disruptor the software industry has ever seen ...A recent Gartner survey of 295 respondents in the U.S.

Don't overdo ITIL CMDB

CMDB projects can be an unnecessary diversion of funds and energy for low advantage or reward.

Lease management

One of the big returns on investment for financial asset management software is effective lease management.


Previously known as Application Service Provider or ASP.
SaaS is looking strong in some areas of IT and offers real savings. In other areas it is less appropriate.

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