Ops4Less cut the cost of IT operations


Put a finance person into IT management

Introduce a cost-centric mindset.

People Process Things

There is a trickle down from People to Process to Things (Technology, forms, docs, whatever). get the culture of the people right and the rest works. it doesn't work the other way. Changing technology on its own has zero impact on culture.

There is still no better model for change than Kotter's

John Kotter says that the change process takes time and goes through several different phases in a successful change effort and that a mistake made during any phase of the change effort can have a negative impact on the organization. Kotter outlines an eight step process with suggestions to help organizations transform.

Act on the results of evaluation

All evaluation is pointless if you do not act on the results.

Try to "bottle" success

Study successful people in your organisation. Try to capture what they have and share it around.


Of the four aspects of the P A I D model, People are the most difficult. Irrational, unpredictable and fussy, people take care and hard work to get maximum efficiency and effectiveness for the business.

Recruit the right people: 3

For too long, IT has allowed anybody to have a go. Professional certification is coming to IT.

Recruit the right people: 2

Too many employers are slack on checking references.

Recruit the right people 1

The number one rule for selecting the right people: find out what they did before.

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