Ops4Less cut the cost of IT operations

ITIL process re-engineering

Whether ITIL actually saves money is open to debate. But a carefully controlled ITIL project just might.

Ensure there is a rigorously assessed and enforced business case that keeps a tight focus on cost savings. There is extreme danger that an ITIL project will blow out into service improvement and beyond into theoretial perfectionism. Keep everyone's eyes on the goal: savings.

The savings in ITIL may come from various areas:

  • service desk headcount. This is often NOT the case as improved processes casue users to rely MORE on the service desk and calls increase
  • reduced errors in production implementations. better change control means more relaible production changes, but whether this can be translated into cost savings depends on the organisation
  • less end-user down time. This may be so but (a) will they use the exxtra time for greater productivity and (b) can the improvement be measured and recognised?
  • more efficient IT staff. Possibly but do the efficiencies justify the cost of the project?

Cutting costs through an ITIL project is possible, but do not automatically assume it will happen. ITIL porjects are better justified for improved service and higher quality, not lower costs.

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