Ops4Less cut the cost of IT operations

internal development using open-source components at a lower cost than starting from scratch

Gartner declared open-source software the biggest disruptor the software industry has ever seen ...A recent Gartner survey of 295 respondents in the U.S.

and Europe found that open source software usage stood at 23.6 percent, and this number is set to grow to 25.9 percent over the next year... That compared to their use of internally developed software, at 27.1 percent , which will rise to 28.1 percent over the next year, and their use of proprietary or commercial software, at 48.6 percent, but which is expected to drop to 45.5 percent over the next year...

"This shows that they are doing core internal development using open-source components, where available, at a lower cost than starting from scratch. They see no reason to reinvent the wheel," Wurster said.

The survey also found that, of the open-source software being used, 49.7 percent is used in mission-critical situations


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