Ops4Less cut the cost of IT operations

Expand operations for economies of scale...and access to someone else's budget

In many disciplines, IT is the expert, the centre of excellence, within the business.

If this is the case, look to provide that area of service to the business as well as internally within IT...and get paid for it.

IT can set the pace for the rest of the business in many areas, for example:

  • project management
  • project portfolio management
  • service desk
  • process design
  • process measurement
  • balanced scorecard
  • Lean
  • request management
  • incident management
  • change management
  • cost allocation and chargeback
  • asset management
  • and so on...

If you do it better, offer to do it for a fee. Many times other departments perform similar functions ... or want to. Offer to be an internal corporate sevice provider (ICSP was a buzzword that came and went). HR needs a service desk. So too do facilities management. Building security needs incident management. Stores needs asset management. Manufacturing needs process, and plant monitoring.

Provide the service, for a slice of the budget. Not only do you get the money into IT, but (a) you also become more efficient with economies of scale and (b) the business as a whole increases efficiency, reduces redundancy, and centralises expertise for greater effectiveness.

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