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There is a trickle down from People to Process to Things (Technology, forms, docs, whatever). get the culture of the people right and the rest works. it doesn't work the other way. Changing technology on its own has zero impact on culture.

Good people with a good culture can make lousy process work. In fact they'll improve process.

Good process can deal with poor technology.

Good technology makes good process even more effective and efficient.

But good new things are a waste of money if you don't put good process in place to manage, maintain and monitor them. The things will fall into disuse and disrepair.

And good process will not stick unless you change the culture so that the people adopt, support and execute the process. the process will be ignored, distorted or subverted.

So start with the people. Get some buy-in, enthusiasm and commitment before changing process. Otherwise you'll only have to relaunch and retrain again in future.

Get process change well underway so that you understand your process requirements before building or buying things like tools, forms or documents. If you move too early you will only have to rework things later.

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