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Don't overdo ITIL CMDB

CMDB projects can be an unnecessary diversion of funds and energy for low advantage or reward.

Look at the stats: the majority of ITIL sites have not done Configuration Management and don't have a CMDB.

Refer to the General Motors presentation given at the itSMF USA 06 National Conference [sorry can't find a link]. They have:
7000 Servers
20,000 Engineering Workstations
140,000 PCs
2500 WAN Links
12500 LAN Switches
8200 Changes per month
17+ Service Providers
15+ Major HW providers
50+ Major SW Providers
located in a global environment.
They don't have a CMDB.

A CMDB may be useful but it is often not a good use of funds (low ROI) and even when it is good it is often not the BEST use of funds (low priority, low competitive value)

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