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Act on the results of evaluation

All evaluation is pointless if you do not act on the results.

For example:

  • Reward achievement. Rewards must be real and relevant else they just induce cynicism.
  • Celebrate success. Likewise a free coffee mug is not a celebration.
  • Study success. Try to "bottle it".
  • Punish non-compliance. Sometimes one "head on a stake" is sufficient. Other times it must be systematic.
  • Sadly sometimes the only way to change the people is to change the people. In IT we often have a reluctance to fire anyone. their knowledge of a technology or of the processes they run can appear mystical and irreplaceable, until we have to replace them when it turns out to be not that hard for soemone to pick up after all. Nobody has a right to hold back their colleagues by holding the team to ransom.
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