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Harvesting unused licenses

One software investment that very often has a ROI in even quite small organisations is software asset management in general or software usage metering in particular.

In addition to the risk mitigation of ensuring you don't exceed your license conditions and open the way to lawsuit (or even worse: having to pay list price for excessive usage), the big payback is identifying all those people who claimed a aoftware tool was essential to their job but haven't used it for six months.

Like any tool, software usage metering is only as good as the associated processes. Set up simple processes to:

  • monitor or report regularly on usage
  • identify potential reclaimable licenses
  • confirm with the user and their manager that the software is no longer needed (be nice)
  • legally de-install
  • update all records
  • return the license to the pool of unused ones
  • record and report the saving
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