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OneCMDB is a CMDB aimed at small and medium sized businesses. OneCMDB can be used as a stand-alone CMDB to keep track of software and hardware assets and their relations.

Thanks to its open API:s it can also be a flexible and powerful Configuration Management engine for other Service Management software.

OneCMDB is easy to install and populate with data, either by hand or from other data sources. It has a user-specified data model that can be altered and enhanced without programming. OneCMDB allows you to easily:

Create your CMDB datamodel, without writing a single line of code
Populate the database, through auto-discovery of your network
Get data from various external sources through a flexible import and transform mechanism
Import/export network configuration information to/from NAGIOS Network Monitoring System
OneCMDB is available for free download and comes with source code. You may use, modify and redistribute OneCMDB


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