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GroundWork Monitor Community Edition is a single server deployment that leverages the strengths of 15 other open source projects such as Nagios, rrdtool and nmap.

It combines the results of these projects in to a system that evaluates the status, events and performance of monitored devices and presents these results in an easy to understand web application.

This open source project distributed on sourceforge.net is available under the GNU Public License (GPL v2). It is ideal for operations who already have deployed one or more open source monitoring projects and need to expand its capability.

The Community Edition has the following features

Availability monitoring to alert if devices are up or not.
Ability to monitor servers, devices and applications which gives you the flexibility to monitor all of the integral components within your network.
Performance monitoring to give insight on latency before a server is offline
Basic auto-discovery and configuration tools to help identify additional devices on the network which is a great time-saving function if your network is constantly changing.


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