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Early days yet for the Cloud

The Cloud presents tempting tales of lower costs, greater flexibility, easy implementations.... It is all true, especially for small, green-field sites. But for larger organisations, or those whose data privacy and security are paramount, or the majority of us whose appsare established and embedded, then the Cloud is more problematic.

Gartner says the Cloud will take 7 years to mature

McKinsey says the costs don't add up in larger organisations

There are real savings to be had in SaaS (Software - ie. Apps - as a Service) and other *aaS services (Infrastructure as a Service, Storage as a Service...). For this Operations audience consider Monitoring as a Service, remote console monitoring. We have a directory of SaaS and Cloud tools here.

But there are equally real issues, and the biggest issues are business ones not technical ones, so be careful not to commit your organisation to infrastructurere changes by stealth where you might not be aware of all the implications.

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