Ops4Less cut the cost of IT operations

The Ops4Less cost control model: P A I D

Ops4Less presents our model for the four primary aspects of IT Operations costs control: P A I D. Consider this the "balanced scorecard" for cutting the cost of Ops. Measure these four quadrants and look for savings in each, for getting P A I D.

Lease management

One of the big returns on investment for financial asset management software is effective lease management.


Previously known as Application Service Provider or ASP.
SaaS is looking strong in some areas of IT and offers real savings. In other areas it is less appropriate.

Open source systems management

There are now multiple open source systems management tools to choose from, including some strong players.

Many very large environments, especially telcos, already use a hybridisation (some would say hodge-podge) of open source and low cost tools to manage their availability. The model works.

Potential downsides are:

The Standish rule for projects

The Standish Group have been performing Primary Research (surverys) of I.T. in the USA since 1994. They've accumulated a large amount of data and 50,000 project case studies.

Their "Recipe for Success" (for I.T. projects) is simple:

ITIL process re-engineering

Whether ITIL actually saves money is open to debate. But a carefully controlled ITIL project just might.

storage analysis

Implementing storage analysis tools that identify who is using storage and what for allows management by ritual humiliation.

Virtualisation of servers

The growing volume of servers, applications and operating systems in today’s data centres creates huge costs.

Harvesting unused licenses

One software investment that very often has a ROI in even quite small organisations is software asset management in general or software usage metering in particular.

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