Ops4Less cut the cost of IT operations

Early days yet for the Cloud

The Cloud presents tempting tales of lower costs, greater flexibility, easy implementations.... It is all true, especially for small, green-field sites. But for larger organisations, or those whose data privacy and security are paramount, or the majority of us whose appsare established and embedded, then the Cloud is more problematic.

Ops4Less Almanac

A proposed printed book published every year (or two).

Cut the cost of IT Operations. “Better” is a nice side-effect. “Cheaper” is the goal.

Consolidate service desks

An organisation only needs one service desk.

Put a finance person into IT management

Introduce a cost-centric mindset.

Decommissioning servers

Everyone looks to save energy these days, at home, in the car, at work. There's a data center equivalent to these energy savings: decommissioning servers.

internal development using open-source components at a lower cost than starting from scratch

Gartner declared open-source software the biggest disruptor the software industry has ever seen ...A recent Gartner survey of 295 respondents in the U.S.

Expand operations for economies of scale...and access to someone else's budget

In many disciplines, IT is the expert, the centre of excellence, within the business. If this is the case, look to provide that area of service to the business as well as internally within IT...and get paid for it.

People Process Things

There is a trickle down from People to Process to Things (Technology, forms, docs, whatever). get the culture of the people right and the rest works. it doesn't work the other way. Changing technology on its own has zero impact on culture.

Unlock equity in legacy systems through SaaS

In almost every organisation, IT has existing "legacy" systems that represent massive investment over many years. You can derive a return on that investment, and help cost-justify further investment in SOA. How?

Measurement can be as effective as chargeback

Arranging chargeback of IT resource usage to the business can be a complex and expensive exercise. If the objective is to restrain excessive usage then publishing measurements can be as effective with less investment.

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